Turner Broadcasting brings [adult swim] to Australia in partnership with MCM Media and Movideo

Turner developed [adult swim] in Australia in partnership with MCM Entertainment Group’s online video platform business Movideo. It is a multi-platform digital offering delivering a catalogue of over 1,500 unique, edgy and engaging animated videos. The content is available free of charge through adultswim.com.au and any mobile device including iOS, Android and Windows 8 PC and phone, creating a targeted approach for advertisers to connect with the hard-to-reach 16-to-34-year-old male demographic.


Commenting on the launch, Jeremy Carr, Turner’s Vice President for Entertainment Digital and Syndication in Asia Pacific, said, “The timing was perfect. We identified Australia as a unique market where there’s a huge demand for short-form video and, through the partnership with MCM Media and Movideo, it’s a great opportunity for both consumers and advertisers. The success of this unconventional brand in the US means that we have the right content to export [adult swim] internationally and we are very pleased that Australia is first on the list for Asia Pacific.”

Targeting a total potential audience of almost four million and immediately enticing 40,000 redirects from the US [adult swim] website, key content includes Seth Green’s highly successful Robot Chicken animated series, Harvey Birdman and Metalocalypse. Numbers are set to grow rapidly via a partnership with local online sensations Superwog who attract up to three million views per video, and are producing a content series exclusively for [adult swim] in Australia.

The launch of [adult swim] as a premium entertainment offering, highlights MCM Media’s commitment to premium online video and is the entertainment company’s first step in unbundling television content direct to the consumer.

MCM Media’s Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Jonathan Hopkins said, “Consumers are excited by content not screens. We watch where it’s convenient to watch and for young Australian men the primary channel is online. Be it via a mobile app at the bus stop or a laptop at home, entertainment content is viewed primarily digitally and in short form.

“As online media revenues have now outgrown those of TV, it’s time for advertisers to re-consider where to invest for optimal return. Advertisers follow consumers, consumers follow content, and consumers are primarily heading online for their entertainment. Marketers take note; the unbundling of content is happening at pace and MCM Media is leading the way in premium video.”

MCM Media is expert at unbundling content and delivering premium online video experiences having enjoyed ongoing success via its music offerings in Take 40, The Hot Hits, ARIA Charts and VEVO. [adult swim] is another significant step in providing on-demand entertainment content free of charge, and is one of many projects the business is looking to pursue as they cement themselves as a leader in premium online video.

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